California BOE Sales Tax Settlements

As part of the Board of Equalization's administrative appeals process, the California Legislature has allowed the opportunity for resolving sales and use tax audits (and some other liabilities) through the Board of Equalization's formal Settlement Program.  The outcome from participating in this program varies depending upon the specific circumstances of each case and the effectiveness of the negotiations.  

As with any other level of the appeals process, we believe that understanding the intricate details of this process is a key to achieving the most successful outcome.  Our firm has been involved in a significant number of settlement negotiations and our experience and knowledge will work to your advantage and increase the likelihood of reaching a successful settlement of your case.

If you would like to consider utilizing the BOE's Settlement Program in order to resolve a sales and use tax liability, or if you would like our experienced staff to discuss the details of the Board of Equalization's formal Settlement Program with you, please give our office a call today at 877-777-5470.

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