Sales & Use Tax Audit Defense

Do You Have the Best Sales & Use Tax Audit Representation

This is a crucial question that you should quickly determine the answer to in order to help avoid potential issues in your sales tax audit that you might otherwise not encounter.  The following questions will help you determine whether you are, in fact, in the best position possible when a state sales tax audit is imminent, on-going, or even completed:

  • “Do I have someone fighting for me who has the proven experience dealing with the very complex series of California Sales Tax laws, regulations, interpretations, policies, and audit and appeal procedures?”
  • “Do I have someone representing me who specializes in dealing with sales and use tax laws, regulations, interpretations, policies, and audit and appeal procedures?”
  • “Do I have someone in my corner who deals solely in the area of sales and use tax and works in this field day in and day out?
  • “Do I have someone defending and protecting me who has over 25 years experience dealing exclusively with sales and use tax audits and audit defense,”
  • “Have I put myself in the best position to secure the most positive results from a sales tax audit?”

If you answered “no” or even “I’m not sure” to any of the above questions (even just one) you are not in the best position to get the best possible results from a sales tax audit and to most effectively deal with the often devastating effects of a sales and use tax audit and are in need of our services to get you on track.

As of August 2014, controlling the California Sales and Use Tax there were:

  • 567 Sales and Use Tax Laws
  • 131 Sales and Use Tax Regulations
  • 336 categories of Sales and Use Tax Annotations
  • 64 Transactions and Use Tax Laws
  • 9 Transactions and Use Tax Regulations
  • 7 categories of Transactions and Use Tax Annotations
  • 32 Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Laws
  • 6 Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Regulations
  • 5 categories of Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax Annotations
  • 57 Sales and Use Tax memorandum Opinions
  • 179 Sales and Use Tax Court Cases
  • A Field Audit Manual with 14 chapters
  • A Compliance Policy and Procedures Manual with 10 chapters
  • Rules for Tax Appeals with approximately 110 sales and use tax related statutes

Based on this list it is clear that California’s Sales and Use Tax is governed or controlled by a voluminous list of often very complex laws, regulations, interpretations and aggressive tax auditing procedures causing concern for companies facing a California sales tax audit. Having knowledgeable and experienced CA sales tax audit defense experts who work daily in this area and who are protecting your interests will be a vital asset for you.

Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. has been serving and protecting taxpayers since early 2000, and brings over 25 years of specialized, in-depth experience to the table including experience in auditing from inside the Board of Equalization, now the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. We have the inside knowledge of what is required to effectively handle every aspect of the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s (formerly State Board of Equalization) audit and administrative appeals process.  With our firm on board in your corner, you will be able to easily answer “yes” to all of the above questions and set yourself at maximum ease that you are well represented in your audit.

Sales & Use Tax Audit Services (A little more detail)

Although our efforts are always focused on minimizing the magnitude of the audit, when necessary we can also effectively handle every stage of the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s (formerly State Board of Equalization) sales tax audit and administrative appeals, while always protecting and maintaining your rights.  Our California audit representation services range from pre-audit consultations to handling all necessary and warranted aspects of an audit
, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Managing all aspects of the actual sales tax audit work including working closely with the tax auditor and their immediate supervisors to help ensure the auditor performs the audit correctly from the beginning.
  • Managing any necessary presentations to the Office Principal Auditor during the “10-day process” that generally occurs following the field audit work.
  • Timely and effective filing of all necessary documents in order to fully protect your rights should it become necessary to appeal the audit findings.
  • Managing the administrative appeals process, if needed, in order to ensure that all necessary and available avenues of appeal are efficiently and effectively utilized in working to reduce the audit findings.
  • Representing you at the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s (formerly State Board of Equalization) Appeals Review Conference and Oral Hearing (if such a hearing becomes necessary).
  • The drafting, filing, and negotiation of CDTFA Settlement Proposals.
  • The drafting and filing of Requests for Reconsideration.
  • Timely filing of Requests for Oral Hearings,Tax Court Hearings, Petitions for Rehearing, or Requests for Relief from Penalties.
  • The research, drafting, filing, and negotiations of Claims for Refunds.
  • Taking care of all other actions and filings that are necessary to fully protect your rights and provide you with the best possible sales tax audit results.

It is Never Too Early or Too Late to Get Us in Your Corner

Although we can initiate our sales tax audit representation at any time in the audit process, it is most advantageous to our clients when we are engaged prior to the start of the tax audit. This allows us to manage the entire process, further helping to ensure that the sales tax audit is completed correctly and that your rights are fully protected from start to finish.  However, if you are already going through the audit or have even completed the audit, it is never too late for us to get involved as long as there are still legal and administrative remedies open to us.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away!

So, now that you have found us, take the next step towards getting our CA sales & use tax audit expertise and experience working for you? If you fit within any of the following categories we can get your case on track to where it should be and diligently work to provide you with the proven results we have come to be known for:

  • You have just received notice that you are going to be audited for sales tax
  • You are in the middle of a sales tax audit right now
  • You just recently completed a sales tax audit
  • You are presently in the appeals process due to a sales tax audit that was completed and appealed

Please contact us today by calling 877-777-5470 or use our convenient free consultation request form to reach one of our consultants. You have absolutely nothing to risk and everything to gain.

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Don’t forget that if you get audited by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration you have rights that need to be protected at all times.  Make sure you have someone in your corner that knows how to protect these rights and protect you and your company!  Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. is that company!

Example binder and checklist that could be used for a sales tax audit.