Responsible Person Liability Defense

Responsible Person Liability Defense Representation

If you are an individual that has been contacted by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly State Board of Equalization) and told that you owe, or may owe, the sales tax liability or use tax liability for a corporation, you are in dire need of our assistance.  The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration routinely seeks collection of corporate sales and use tax liabilities against individuals even when they have no true legal right to do so. Even though the state has very specific legal requirements that they are suppose to establish and satisfy before taking this action against individuals, they so often fail to satisfy these requirements but still proceed to hold the individual liable anyway.

This is certainly not an area to take lightly and the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has some fairly broad power in this area pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code Section 6829 and California Sales and Use Tax Regulation 1702.5.  But, if the State is not able to meet the legal requirements of establishing the legal criteria, they are legally prohibited from assessing corporate liability against individuals.  Unfortunately, whether they have actually met their legal burden is so often the question and it seems from our experience that any doubt as to whether the criteria has been satisfied generally falls against the individual.

Our firm has had great success in working with our clients in this area and, working professionally and diligently to establish that the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration did not fulfill these legal requirements, we have been able to secure the proper elimination of these liabilities and provide the justified and legally warranted relief for our clients that they deserved.

If you find yourself in this position, please do not hesitate any longer.  Call us today at 916-714-3600 or 877-777-5470 and find out exactly how we can help you.  If we do not feel that we can assist you we will not take your case and there will be no fee to find out whether we think we can help.  So you have absolutely no risk in calling us and the risk that you face is the risk of not calling us.  Let us help you through this now.

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Don’t forget that if you get audited by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration you have rights that need to be protected at all times.  Make sure you have someone in your corner that knows how to protect these rights and protect you and your company!  Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. is that company!

Example binder and checklist that could be used for a sales tax audit.