Is your business sales tax compliant and taking advantage of manufacturer sales tax exemptions?

Whether you sell your products to distributors, retailers, or consumers directly, there are many points in your supply chain process that might put your business at risk of a sales tax audit. Failure to correct them, from improper management of exemption certificates, to the misunderstanding of taxability rules, might raise a red flag with your local sales tax authorities.

Sales Tax Help for Manufacturers

Is your business compliant with your local sales tax laws? Are you taking advantage of every possible exemption? For over 25 years, Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. has helped manufacturers minimize their tax burdens and level the playing field against aggressive state auditors and tax collectors. Let us put our experience to work for you.

The Benefits of Tax Compliance

It serves your best interests to stay in compliance with your state’s sales tax regulations. Not only will it prepare you for a likely audit in the future, but it can also help you take advantage of exemptions that are specific to manufacturing. Monies spent on machinery, equipment, computers, software, raw materials, supplies, and utilities often hold exemptions that are never claimed by manufacturers.

Effective Defense. Proven Results

If you received a letter from your local sales tax authority, or if you are already undergoing an audit, now is the time to retain knowledgeable representation. We have navigated many past clients through the audit process, relieving them of the stress that comes with it. Trust us to fight for your rights.

Reverse Sales Tax Audits

A reverse audit, performed by a sales tax specialist, can help you uncover overpaid taxes that were previously remitted to your state agency. This type of audit can also ensure that your employees are also complying with local sales tax laws, which can help them avoid overpayment in the future.

Don't take chances. Make sure that you receive legal guidance from a professional sales and use tax audit specialist. Schedule a free consultation for your manufacturing business today.

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