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Complete Sales Tax Audit Representation & Defense

Expert sales tax audit help, representation, and defense, beginning to end, designed to protect your legal rights and secure the most successful results in your sales tax audit.

Post Sales Tax Audit Analysis & Defense

Experienced sales tax audit help beginning after the conclusion of your audit designed to protect your legal rights and interests by effectively navigating the protest of your sales tax audit.

Completed Sales Tax Audit Review & Analysis

A review of your completed sales tax audit or in-process audit designed to provide an analysis of the audit procedures & results along with a strategy for an effective defense.

Help for Non-California Based Companies

Assistance dealing with the aggressive efforts of the California Department of Tax & fee Administration to make non-California companies register and pay uncollected California Taxes.



A savings to our client of almost $445,000.00 in tax, interest, and penalty established by a sales and use tax audit.  Read more...


Saved our client almost $53,000.00 in tax, interest, and penalty by correcting their sales and use tax audit.  Read more...

Responsible Person Liability

Secured a complete elimination of over $450,000 in tax, interest, and penalty related to a corporate liability.   Read more...

Responsible Person Liability Defense

Assistance with defending against the California Department of Tax & Fee Administration's (previously BOE) assertion of corporate sales & use tax liability against individuals directly.  

Sales Tax Training

Sales & Use Tax Training

Specially tailored, in-depth, training, conducted on premises at our clients' locations, designed to help our clients more fully understand the many complexities of California Sales & Use Tax.


Nexus Assistance

Helping companies outside California effectively and efficiently deal with the many issues of being a retailer engaged in business inside the state and being caught up in the web of sales and use tax "Nexus".

Compliance Reviews

Operational Reviews

On premise operational reviews tailored to the specific operational aspects of our client's business and designed to help ensure better compliance with the complexities of sales and use tax.

Seminars & Webinars

Seminars & Webinars

Sales tax seminars & sales tax webinars, including some free webinars, presented in simple terms and designed to help participants more fully understand the many complexities of sales and use tax.

Settlement Proposals

Settlement Proposals

Assistance in minimizing California Sales and Use Tax audit liabilities by effectively, and properly, utilizing the California Department of Tax & Fee Administration's legislated Settlement Program.

  • Why Choose Us

    One of the most important things you can do to help ensure accurate and fair results from a California Sales Tax audit is to ensure that you have experienced sales tax professionals representing you throughout the process. With our firm's resources, and over 25 years experience, being fully directed to assisting our clients with sales and use tax audits and related sales tax services, with Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. on your side you will know that you have the necessary experience in your corner that can help ensure the successful results you need and deserve.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients include businesses from throughout California, from across the nation, and even from outside the United States. Our clients have spanned most industries, have been involved in most issues that typically arise when sales and use tax is involved, and range in size from small businesses to national or international corporations.

  • Our Locations

    Our headquarter's office is located on the outskirts of Sacramento, California in the great city of Elk Grove. Our headquarter's office is conveniently located less than 20 minutes from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration's (formerly the California State Board of Equalization) Headquarters' Office, Sacramento Out of State Office, and their Sacramento Office. With our satellite offices presently located in southern California and in the San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, and San Jose bay area, we are perfectly situated to assist taxpayers in all geographic locations.

  • Leadership

    After gaining experience as a sales tax auditor within the California State Board of Equalization (now the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration), Kai Mickey, President and Founder of Sales Tax Specialists, Inc., has spent the remainder of his career working tirelessly and diligently to level the playing field for taxpayers by providing a specialty firm of professionals whose goal is to help ensure that taxpayers facing issues and struggles with sales tax have the effective and proven assistance they deserve.

  • Partnerships

    With our firm's specialty of effectively handling matters dealing with California Sales and Use Tax, we are continuing to build professional partnerships and relationships with other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, enrolled agents, bookkeepers, associations, trade groups, etc. in order to provide our expertise in this area to their clients and members.  These professional partnerships essentially allow our partners to have a complete and effective sales and use tax department working within their firm or organization.

Over 25 Years of Experience

The staff of professionals at Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. brings over 25 years of combined California Sales and Use Tax experience, including experience from within the California State Board of Equalization (now the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration), to the table for our clients. With involvement at some level in over 2000 sales and use tax cases spanning most industries, it is very likely that our experience will cover nearly any issue that may come up in the area of sales and use tax.   

No Retainers in Most Audit Cases

We understand the often difficult situation the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the State Board of Equalization) can put taxpayers in. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for these taxpayers to secure the qualified help that all taxpayers need and deserve in order to counter the efforts of the state auditors and secure exceptional results. Because of this commitment to exceptional service, we do not require retainers or upfront fees in most of our audit based cases.

Serving Taxpayers Everywhere

Headquartered in Northern California, and with satellite offices in Southern CaliforniaOakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, our strategically located offices provide superior convenience to our clients. With our headquarters' office being less than twenty minutes from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration's (formerly the Board of Equalization) headquarter's office, Sacramento office, and Out of State office, we can efficiently handle all cases regardless of the geographic location of our client. 


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