Kai Mickey, President & CEO

Kai Mickey
Kai Mickey, President, CEO and founder of STSI, began his career in the sales tax field as an auditor for the State of California after graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. While serving with the California State Board of Equalization, among other duties, Kai served as a Senior Tax Auditor (Associate Tax Auditor) and was responsible for handling sales tax audits of all industries and all sizes including handling the larger more complex cases. He also served frequently as an interim audit crew supervisor, conducted many training courses for both audit staff and the public at large, and was responsible for the training of many new auditors. Mr. Mickey was then recruited from the Board of Equalization to serve as Vice President of a private sales tax consulting firm. During his tenure in this position, Kai realized there was a more specific need that needed to be met for taxpayers and he elected to form Sales Tax Specialists, Inc. in order to focus on providing superior results in a very cost-effective manner to the taxpayers facing sales and use tax issues with the State Board of Equalization, now the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

Since establishing Sales Tax Specialists, Inc., Kai has spoken on Sales and Use Tax at many functions including offering presentations on several occasions to the Society of California Accountants and several CPA groups.  Kai has also been a periodic contributor of sales and use tax articles to several publications throughout his years in the field.  Combining all experience, Kai has been involved in close to two thousand different cases involving California Sales and Use Tax and has experience in nearly every industry dealing with these taxes.  

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